Fraser Island

Fraser Island is a constantly changing mosaic of rainforest, sand dunes, wildflower heaths, crystal lakes and streams, towering trees and cliffs of colouted sands.

Rainforest and Sand don’t usually go together but Fraser Island is an enigma. Its natural beauty and purity will touch you like few other places can….”

En route to Fraser Island pass the the old mining town of Gympie. Travel to Rainbow Beach, this naturally beautiful coastal town is the stepping off point for Fraser Island. Pristine lakes, crystal creeks and tropical rainforest make this tour an unforgettable experience. You may see
the wild dingoes that have made this island wilderness their home. Spend some time on the world’s most beautiful highway – 75 Mile Beach, experience the awesome splendor of an uninterrupted beachfront. Stroll along the palm and fern studded banks of Wanggoolba Creek, the most outstanding rainforest area on Fraser Island. Visit the incredible freshwater lakes. Take a dip in the crystal clear Return to the southern end of the island via the inland road past evidence of the old sand mines. This controversial industry ceased as Fraser Island became recognized for its World Heritage importance.

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Fraser Island, the ultimate island wilderness and the world’s largest sand island, lies off the Queensland’s east coast just 45 minutes by boat from Hervey Bay and 1 hour by air from Brisbane. Award winning Kingfisher Bay Resort blends harmoniously with the unique Fraser Island environment and sets new standards in ecotourism. Activities include Ranger-guided 4WD Fraser Island Eco tours and nature walks, four-wheel-drive hire, whale watching (Aug-Oct), fishing, water sports, bird-watching and rainforest treks.

Fraser Island is part of the Great Sandy Region, the section of coastline stretching from the north shore of the Noosa River below Lake Cooroibah and Cooloola National Park, to Sandy Cape at the northern tip of Fraser. About half of Fraser Island is currently national park. The Great Sandy National Park occupies the northern half of the island. The southern half is almost entirely crown land and state forests, proposed for national park, subject to resolution of Aboriginal land interests.

Information Centres: Fraser has various centres providing information about the island and Great Sandy National Park. Information Centres can be found at Eurong National Parks and Wildlife Office, Central Station, Dundubara and Waddy Point.

Forests: Fraser’s forests are one of the island’s most remarkable and controversial features. Though the island was heavily logged, large stands of satinays and brush box still remain. Pile Valley, between Central Station and Lake McKenzie, where much of the logging took place, has the tallest of the towering satinay and brush box.

Satinay and brush box form part of the island’s sub-tropical rainforests together with piccabeen palms and kauri pines. Fraser’s rainforest are home to rare and ancient species including the angiopteris fern, which has the largest fern fronds in the world. The angiopteris fern is notable due to its use of water pressure rather than structural tissue to keep its fronds erect. The walkways along Wanggoolba Creek at Central Station, inland from Eurong, pass several of the magnificent ferns.

Further north and inland from Happy Valley, the Yidney Scrub is home to a forest of 200-year-old kauri pines.

Fraser’s vegetation is not all tall forest. Wallum heathlands occupy much of the lowlands. They consist of shrublands, scribbly gum trees and wallum banksia. The heathlands spring to color during August and September with a profusion of wildflowers.

The western coastline of the island is fringed with mangroves backed by areas of cypress pine.

Sand Formations: The dune systems of the Great Sandy Region, which include Fraser Island, are the largest and oldest in the world dating back more than 30,000 years. Fraser is the world’s largest sand island. Along the ocean coastline, the dunes take on at times sculptured shapes, giving rise to the names “The Cathedrals” and “The Pinnacles”.

There are 72 different colored sands that occur on the island. The best colored sands can be seen along a 35km stretch of the ocean beach north of Happy Valley.

Sandblows are the other major sand formation, caused through the gradual action of shifting sand across the island. The Knifeblade, just north of the wreck of the “Maheno”, is the largest of the island’s sandblows. A lookout provides excellent views.

Rocky Headlands: Fraser Island’s build up of sands and dune systems hinges on the rocky headlands of Indian Head, Middle Rocks and Waddy Point. Indian Head is the true anchor for the island. It stands at the end of Seventy-Five Mile Beach and in addition to being a major landmark, it provides an excellent lookout onto the beaches and dunes. Further north, Middle Rocks’ Champagne Pools are deep natural rock pools, ideal for swimming. Waddy Point is a popular base for anglers and provides good views from atop the lookout.

DISTANCE FROM BRISBANE (State Capital): 306km (via Hervey Bay)


Fraser Island Taxi Service – ph: +61 7 4127 9188
Rainbow Beach Taxi can drop off on Fraser Island only.

Day tours ex Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach/Noosa.

Charter Air Services
Harrys’s Air Charter
Hervey Aviation
Whitaker Air
Air Fraser Island

Barge access from Urangan, Mary River Heads or Rainbow Beach

Sand tracks suitable for 4WD vehicles only. Normal road rules apply. All cars and bikes must be road registered and the Traffic Act applies. Riding of “trikes” is not allowed.

Super, unleaded and diesel fuel are available at Eurong, Kingfisher Bay Resort and Village, Cathedral Beach and Happy Valley generally between 0800 and 1700. LPG cooking gas and gas applicances also availble.


The only stores on the island are at EuroKingfisher Bay Resort & Village, Cathedral Beach Camping Resort and Happy Valley. Food supplies can also be obtained on the northern end of the island at the shop at Orchid Beach. A range of food & general provisions are available.

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