Long Island

Long Island is close to the mainland and one of the prettiest Whitsunday Islands. The Island is a national park with 13 kilometres of graded walking tracks across the Island, leading to beautiful secluded beaches and dense bush areas. There are three established resorts on the Island, Palm Bay Hideaway, Club Crocodile Long Island and Whitsunday Wilderness Lodge.

Palm Bay Hideaway has been designed to maintain the character of the national park. It caters for a small number of guests in self-contained cabins and Melanesian bures, built at the edge of the beach under towering palm trees.

The Club Crocodile resort, situated in Happy Bay, offers a casual but stylish atmosphere for guests to compliment the natural attractions of the Island and caters principally for couples.

On South Long Island, Whitsunday Wilderness Lodge offers seclusion on a 4 hectare site in simple but well appointed cabins. Originally Port Molle, unromantically renamed by explorer Matthew Flinders, Long Island is just that – 11 kilometres long and no more than 1.5 kilometres wide. Palm and Happy Bay are the nearest safe anchorages to Shute Harbour and therefore a popular spot for yachties. Escape to Queensland?s tropical islands…

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Long Island

Queensland?s tropical islands are more than just havens of tranquillity, relaxation and beauty, they also provide a diverse range of sceneries, activities and luxury. Essentially, there is a Queensland island to suit the tastes, needs and desires of everyone.

Palm Bay Hideaway on Long Island is casual, natural and affordable. It blends beautifully with the unspoilt surroundings and fauna of Long Island National Park and features private self-contained beachfront accommodation. Award winning Palm Bay Hideaway Long Island is an idyllic, secluded retreat that offers perfect tranquillity to a small number of guests wanting to get away from it all.

Club Crocodile Long Island is an enchanting tropical island resort surrounded by national park and the blue waters of the Whitsundays. Relax under the palm trees on the white coral sand beach or spend the day waterskiing, parasailing, island hopping, cruising, playing tennis or exploring the 20 kilometres of bush walks through Long Island.

Whitsunday Wilderness Lodge is nestled in a secluded bay called Paradise Bay, located at the south end of Long Island. It is inaccessible to day visitors and it caters for a maximum of sixteen guests only. Guests have the opportunity to explore the surrounds by yacht, see dolphins, turtles, hundreds of species of birds and tropical fish, goannas and wallabies.

Long Island is one of the prettiest Whitsunday gems.

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