Young Island

Hidden within most of us is the fantasy of someday discovering an uncharted island, surrounded by clear waters, unspoiled by man and his industries. An island where fruits, flowers, birds and fish abound … all in a climate of absolute perfection.

Such an island is YOUNG ISLAND, an enchanted private island paradise. Legend says it was once the home of a Carib Indian chief who traded his island for a black stallion. Today, pottery shards are occasionally turned up,

Where once a Carib chief resided, you can now live like a king, forgetting time, not counting the perfect days that follow one another.

Enchantment follows discovery on the 35 acres that is Young Island. It is virtually a tropical garden. The trees are in fruit and flowers are everywhere. White ginger, hibiscus, crotons, and ferns, to name a few, are sheltered under tall palms, giant almonds, mango, coffee, nutmeg, flamboyant and breadfruit trees. On the beach, where white sand eases gently into the Caribbean, there are chaise lounges and mattresses for sunbathers.

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Hammocks hang under thatched roofs for reading and napping in the shade. The cooling trade winds are ever constant and enjoyed too for sailing and windsurfing. Windsurfers, small sailboats, glass bottom boat, snorkels, masks and flippers are available at no charge. Water-skiing and scuba diving are readily available for the beginner or pro at rates charged locally. Just off shore is our “Coconut Bar” where drinks are served in fresh coconuts, guaranteed to taste like “one more”, before the
swim back to shore.

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