The capital of Nicaragua since 1852, is your entry point to the country. In the Nahuatl language Managua means “place where there is an extension of water.” This name perfectly describes the capital of Nicaragua which lies to the South of the impressive Lake Managua.

The city is surrounded by several beautiful lagoons of volcanic origin, such as Asososca, Xiloa mand Apoyeque. The Tiscapa Lagoon is located in the center of the city.

To the east of the Plaza of the Republic stands the ruins of the Metropolitan Cathedral, constructed in Baroque style with two beautiful towers and a central dome. The Cathedral at one time was the tallest building in Managua.

To the south of the Plaza stands the Cultural Palace which previously served as the Naitonal Palace and the seat of Congress. Today the Palace houses the National Library, the National Museum, the Public Periodicals Library and other cultural institutions. The Central Park lies to the west and the Presidential Palace to the north. The Musical Fountain, an audio-visual monument, adorns the center of the Plaza.The Malecon follows the shores of Lake Managua, perfect for s stroll to view the sights of Lake Managua.

Also of interest in Managua:

Footprints of Acahualinca – fossilized footprints of men and animals fleeing from a volcanic eruption some time around 6,000 to 10,000 years ago

The Ruben Dario National Theater, named after the most famous Latin American poet, is a modern and elegant building located between the Plaza of the Republic and Lake Xolotlan

The Ruben Dario Fountain, made up of four separate fountains with a hundred water jets built on three different levels

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