The Experience

Get a feel for the Americas on this 29-night cruise, which loops beautifully round the United States.

You have the eight-night approach to New York to acquaint yourself with Queen Elizabeth’s luxury offerings, before whirlwind tours of the brilliant Big Apple and Florida’s Fort Lauderdale. In Nassau ,“ capital of the Bahamas ,“ there’s a sandstone staircase to climb and exotic marine life to meet, before you take in the Dutch-style charm of Curacao, feel the full thrill of the Panama Canal and taste the intoxicating coffee of Costa Rica. Finally, it’s California: venture into the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles before disembarking and finding your stride in laid-back, lovely San Francisco. This cruise is Cunard,™s own month-long American dream.


Sat 10 Jan Southampton, UK

Sun 11 Jan At Sea

Mon 12 Jan At Sea

Tue 13 Jan At Sea

Wed 14 Jan At Sea

Thu 15 Jan At Sea

Fri 16 Jan At Sea

Sat 17 Jan At Sea

Sun 18 Jan New York
Arrive early morning – Depart early evening

Mon 19 Jan At Sea

Tue 20 Jan At Sea

Wed 21 Jan Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Arrive early morning – Depart early evening

Thu 22 Jan Nassau, Bahamas
Arrive morning – Depart afternoon

Fri 23 Jan At Sea

Sat 24 Jan At Sea

Sun 25 Jan Willemstad, Curacao
Arrive morning – Depart afternoon

Mon 26 Jan At Sea

Tue 27 Jan Panama Canal Full Transit C
Cruise by

Wed 28 Jan At Sea

Thu 29 Jan Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Arrive early morning – Depart afternoon

Fri 30 Jan At Sea

Sat 31 Jan At Sea

Sun 1 Feb At Sea

Mon 2 Feb Cabo San Lucas A
Arrive early morning – Depart early evening

Tue 3 Feb At Sea

Wed 4 Feb At Sea

Thu 5 Feb Los Angeles
Arrive morning – Depart afternoon

Fri 6 Feb At Sea

Sat 7 Feb San Francisco
Arrive early morning

Sun 8 Feb San Francisco

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