A long time ago, Huatulco was a shelter for pirates and travelers and a stopover on the route of the galleons that came from the Far East which, exhausted, reached this bays. Centuries later, a group of fishermen established a small town called Santa Cruz. This was a place where time seemed to have stopped, and nested between the peace of the village and the sea life. This fishermen town could have very well been described in a novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Here, amazing things happened.

Huatulco was also a place where adventurers and young people would walk through its bays and made this area their very own personal paradise. These travelers stopped for days under the palm shelters at Tangolundia beach.

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In Huatulco the huge mountains of Oaxaca seem to fade out in the bays, which seem like laughter greeting the sea. During the dry season the mountains are gray with scarce vegetation, like old men. However, during the rainy season, life springs up everywhere, becoming a green landscape of fresh, musical jungle.

Regardless of the Huatulco new tourist infrastructure, all the magic and environment is still preserved in Huatulco, as well as its primitive and original beauty.

Aside from the beaches, Huatulco is full of attractions, such as the “Plaza Principal” of La Crucecita, the “Plaza Principal” of Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz de Huatulco and the Handicrafts Market. Of course, it also has an interesting nightlife.
The Bays of Huatulco are strung along the coastline for 35 kilometers (21 miles) long. The names of the bays are: Conejos, Tangolundia, Chahue, Santa Cruz, Oregano, Maguey, Cacaluta, Chachacual and San Agustin. Among them you will find beautiful, peaceful beaches -about 36 of them- as well as inlets and coves.

PLAZA PRINCIPAL LA CRUCECITA: This is a nice place to rest and relaxation, located in the center of La Crucecita. It has a Colonial flavor, mainly due to its gazebo, surrounded by trails and gardens.

It also has a quarry fountain, streetlights, iron benches, and green gardens with ornamental plants, fruit trees and grass areas to play, rest and enjoy the peaceful environment.PLAZA PRINCIPAL SANTA CRUZ

This is a nice place for leisure with an interesting architecture. Its Colonial design, as well as modern details, a gazebo, an outdoor theater where many activities and shows usually take place.

It has two small plazas with cobblestone walks, streetlights, quarry fountains and gardens of big trees and shaded resting areas.

LA SANTA CRUZ DE HUATULCO: It is a Cross, which was brought to Santa Cruz by an anonymous Spaniard who taught the natives to adore it and initiated them in the Christian cult. When the English pirate Tomas Cavendish took the port of Huatulco he tried to destroy it, but he did not succeeded.

Twenty-five years later, the bishop of Oaxaca took the Cross to the City of Oaxaca after conducting a research to prove the miracles of the Cross when the pirate tried to destroy it. One year later, it was divided into smaller pieces, one was sent to the Vatican with the Pope Paul V, another remained in the cathedral of the City of Oaxaca and another was sent to Santa Maria de Huatulco.

In 1895, a replica of the original cross was placed in the same spot where the original was located, where it is until this day.
It is located in the main plaza of Bahia de Santa Cruz and has many stands that offer not just handicrafts from the State, but from other regions of the country as well.

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