Unlike many vacation destinations, which are popular for either sunny beaches and grand hotels or rich culture and history, Mazatlan is unique because it is full of both. This vibrant mix of both environments attracts visitors from all over the world.

Although much of Mazatlan consists of historical nineteenth century buildings, an area of town called Zona Dorada (Golden Zone) is home to luxurious, beachfront hotels, and high-end shops, restaurants, and golf courses. The beaches in Mazatlan are mesmerizingly white and surrounded by swaying palm trees. Some popular sand and surf locations include Sabalo, Playa Camaron, and Brujas. Be sure to try kayaking, surfing or boogie boarding while you’re there.

Every year, the five-day Mazatlan festival takes place and draws visitors and natives alike to party the night away. This festival is comparable to Mardi Gras, but packed with more culture and tradition. The Mazatlan festival is unique because not only is there a beach setting, it also focuses strongly on art and literature contests. The confetti and flour fights have no winners, but are done solely to have fun.

Mazatlan is also particularly known for its enticing shops and markets, so shoppers need to be prepared to bring their A-game. In the Zona Dorada especially, you will find stores selling crafts, liquor, jewelry and furniture. Visitors could spend hours wandering through the shops of Mazatlan looking at souvenirs and various hand-made goods.

Combining the best both worlds is what Mazatlan is all about. Spend a few hours walking around the historical cobblestone streets, or get a four-hand massage in your luxury hotel. No matter what mood you’re in, the possibilities in Mazatlan are endless.

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