Middle East Hotels

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A stunning landmark city hotel in a distinctive pyramid shape, merges Asian style with an Egyptian aesthetic
Conveniently located near the airport, golf course and city centre, its lush garden landscapes place it in a serene, faraway world of its own
Soaring 321 metres, Burj Al Arab is the world's tallest all-suite hotel.
Simple elegance, characteristic of traditional Omani architecture, distinguish an ageless charm, which the hotel exudes
Unparalleled levels of service based around our signature lifestyle concept.
The hotel's air of mystique is created by thoughtful Mediterranean architecture and a contemporary interior design
A stylish place of intricate arches, domes, towers and courtyards
Indulge In the ultimate Luxury Experience
Spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea
Overlooking the Mediterranean and beautiful beaches
Unparalleled elegance at Park Hyatt Dubai, a luxury hotel in Dubai, adjacent to the world-famous Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club
The King David Hotel Jerusalem offers incomparable views of the walls, minarets and domes of the Old City.
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