Cordoba, Argentina

Cordoba is in the middle of Argentina. It is a large city with lots of exciting historical attractions, cultural attractions, museums, parks and fun activities. There is a UNESCO site that features lots of interesting buildings from the 17th century.

The city of Cordoba is one of the most significant areas in Argentina. Located in the center of the country, and surrounded by mountains, Cordoba is home to over 1.4 million people and the capitol of the Cordoba Province. In this culture-filled city, you will find an abundance of historic buildings with fascinating architecture.

Cordoba was founded by the Spanish in 1573, making it one of the oldest cities in South America. Several of the buildings that were constructed in that era still stand today, and one of the most famous is known as Cathedral. This architecturally spectacular church is the oldest in Argentina that is still in continual use, which makes it a must-see attraction. Another fascinating building in Cordoba is called Iglesia del Sagrado Corazon. This neo-Gothic church is colossal in stature, and the level of detail put into it truly makes it an architectural masterpiece.

In Cordoba, you will also find an endless amount of fun-filled experiences waiting to be had. One of the most popular things to do in this valley city is nature tourism. The two nearby lagoons, Miramar and Mar Chiquita, are great places to visit on a warm day. The mountains surrounding Cordoba make it a popular destination for hiking, mountaineering and rock climbing.

Over the years, the province of Cordoba has become known for its collection of high-quality golf courses, most of which are in or near the capitol city. While you,™re there, you will also have to visit some of the many interesting museums located in Cordoba.

Being such an important and well-known city, it’s no surprise that Cordoba is home to an array of five-star and four-star luxury hotels. If you’re looking for something more affordable on your vacation, there are also a variety of budget-friendly options to choose from. It won’t be hard to seek out a good place to eat in Cordoba. You will find everything from inexpensive options like Ugi’s Pizza, to fine dining venues such as San Honorato. Shoppers will love Cordoba, because it has an abundance of small, local shops, as well as craft markets and modern shopping malls.

In Cordoba, you will never run out of things to see and do. There are countless exciting experiences for you to have, and the fun possibilities are endless. Where else could you go to see such fascinating history and architecture, hike beautiful trails, golf on world-class courses, eat at delicious restaurants, while staying in a high-quality, luxurious hotel? A vacation to Cordoba will be truly unforgettable.

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