San Martin de los Andes

San Martin de los Andes is a small town located close to the border of Chile. Skiing and snowboarding is very popular, as well as hiking, camping, walking, canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding, golf, boating and fly fishing. There are seven beautiful mountain lakes here and many rivers and streams.

Located at the foot of the Andes Mountains, San Martin is a small and exciting town that is guaranteed fun any time of year. In the winter, it becomes a snowy paradise famous for its skiing and snowboarding. People come from far and wide to ride these powdery slopes. During the summer, beach-goers flock to the shores of San Martin. The golden beach around Lago Lacar is a great place to go swimming, or simply relax under the sun.

No matter when you decide to visit, you will stay in comfort in one of the warm, luxurious lodges, resorts or hotels. The town is small and quaint, so you will enjoy visiting local restaurants and shops. If you want to get away to a simpler, more relaxing place, San Martin is the perfect destination for you.

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