Santa Fe – Parana

Santa Fe is just opposite the City of Parana, and is a large city. The two cities combined make a very big city, with numerous attractions, cultural, museums, tours, walking, great restaurants and many fun amusements.

The twin cities of Santa Fe and Parana are geographically separated by the Parana River. However, many locals think of the area as one large, combined city. This vibrant mixture of towns and cultures results in a unique array of attractions and festivities.

On the western side of the Parana River, the city of Santa Fe is full of things to do. There are a number of popular, annual, week-long music and art festivals. Music is a large part of this city’s culture, so be sure to go to a few live concerts. To the east, Parana is also a happening place. You will find a collection of historic buildings with fascinating architecture, as well as beautiful parks and plazas.

Both cities are home to high-quality hotels, so you will be sure to stay in comfort. Another major attraction, for both sides of the river, is the selection of cuisine. You will everything from pepperoni pizza to traditional Argentine steak.

No matter which city you decide to stay in, you will have a great vacation in Santa Fe and Parana.

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