Manta is on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador, it’s a mid sized city with beaches, commercial fishing fleets and chemical industries. Watersports are popular here as well as the nice beaches and beach attractions. Cruise ships visit this city.

The sunny, seaside city of Manta is one of the most scenic and vibrant places to visit in Ecuador. You will love touring this town’s attractions and spending time on its bright, beautiful beaches.

There are dozens of spectacular beaches in Manta, so you won’t have any difficulty finding the perfect spot to relax under the sun. El Murcilago is the most popular beach in the city, where you can find an array of beachside shops, hotels and restaurants.

With friendly locals and scenic surroundings, the fishing village of San Mateo is another great place to visit. Some of the other popular beaches in and around Manta include San Lorenzo, Barbasquillo, La Tiosa, and Tarqui; all of which are well-worth spending time.

When you’re not lying back on the white sand, there are several other ways to enjoy yourself in Manta. The nightlife in town is great for all party-goers and tourists looking to have a bit of fun. No matter whether you prefer bars, nightclubs, or casinos, you are sure to have exciting, memorable experiences.

The Banco Central Museum is home to several fascinating pre-Columbian pieces, and a popular place for sightseers to visit. A stroll through town will reveal many other sights and attractions that are waiting to be discovered.

You will find several possible hotels and resorts to choose from in Manta. There are luxurious options both by the beach and further in town. The cuisine in Manta is exquisite as well, and traditional seafood restaurants can be found scattered all throughout the city. If you love shopping, then you need to spend time at a local market, or the city’s modern shopping mall.

There are countless ways to have a good time in this coastal, culture-filled city, and exciting opportunities lie around every corner. In Manta, life is good.

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