Guam is the biggest island in the Mariana archipelago. Guam’s dramatic coastline and white sand beaches are ringed by coral reefs and clear, crystalline waters teeming with exotic marine life and blessed by a balmy tropical climate and gentle trade winds.

Guam’s natural beauty, the luxurious high-rise hotel and resort complexes that dominate the beach front at Tumon and Agana, the surrounding restaurants, malls, golf courses, water sports and entertainment facilities combine to create a perfect playground for visitors.

Three hundred varieties of coral make Guam a diver’s delight. Whales, dolphins, mantas and skip jacks are just some of the sea life seen offshore. Popular wreck dives include a World War II Japanese “Zero”, a U.S. tanker and a World War I German cruiser. The waters at Asan Beach contain several pieces of submerged military equipment embedded in the colorful coral reefs. Snorkeling is an absolute must to discover the multitude of exotic coral and marine life to be found alongside ocean treasures of incomparable beauty that line the reef.

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