Niue vacations, Niue hotels and resorts, Niue scuba diving adventures.Niue is a very special place in the South Pacific. Once only visited by Island Trader ships and intrepid travelers, it has, over the centuries, quietly gone about building its resources and its nationhood. It is reputedly the largest uplifted coral island in the world, which gives it great natural beauty.

It has a unique rugged coastline and reef, cool caves and historical areas. In Niue visitors are still treated as guests, not as tourists. Visitors get to know the people and their way of life, when they are invited into villages and welcomed into homes.

Weather is generally pleasant all year round. Niue is located 2400 kilometers north-east of New Zealand, in the center of a triangle of Polynesian Islands made up of Tonga, Samoa and Rarotonga (Cook Islands).

A tranquil escape most appealing for the warmth and hospitality of the people and the experiences of handling an outrigger canoe, sampling traditionally cooked delicacies, walking in the tropical forest or through some of the many remote but spectacular limestone caves. Niue also has some very beautiful swimming and snorkeling areas, small sandy coves for beaches and undisturbed forests full of myths and legends, which are considered sacred places.

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