Columbia River Gorge

The magnificent Columbia River Gorge is 1240 mile long, starting in British Columbia. It starts its journey in a 200 mile valley in the Rocky Mountain Trench, then turns south and picks up the Kooteney and Pend Oreille Rivers before heading into the US. Then it heads Southwest through Washington State turning East until it picks up the Snake River, the Columbia’s largest tributary, which is more than 1100 miles long.

After that it travels westward forming the boundary between Oregon and Washington and finally into the Pacific Ocean at Astoria Oregon.

The Columbia River is the drainage for the 259,000 square miles of basin that includes seven states.

The most scenic portion of the Columbia River Gorge is the part that goes through the Cascade Mountains, creating a 100 mile long, 3000 feet deep gorge. The Lewis and Clark expedition used the Columbia River, as well as the Hudson’s Bay Fur Trading Company to travel and transport their goods.

The Columbia River is an awe inspiring vacation destination, by river cruise or a land tour. Welcome! Come and experience the many exciting things taking place in Southwest Washington. Within minutes, you can explore historic attractions, take in a round of golf, sightseeing in the Columbia River Gorge, take a hike up Mount St. Helens, or just simply enjoy fantastic Northwest cuisine at one of our many restaurants. There’s something for everyone!

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