The Experience

Set your wheels in motion along the beautiful Bay of Fundy. Turn and look out at the crashing North Atlantic. Pedal past historic towns and colorful fishing boats bobbing in cozy harbors. Savor fresh Nova Scotian lobster, scallops and salmon. Give in to the calm pace of village life and the warm hospitality of the Maritimers, and realize why this province is home to more centenarians than anywhere else in North America. You’re in Nova Scotia – enjoy every minute of it. Beautiful bike rides on country and coastal lanes, past weathered lighthouses, colorful fishing villages and fertile farmland The cheery waterfront of Lunenburg Sink your teeth into Digby scallops and other world-class seafood The Bay of Fundy, home of the world’s highest tides Explore Annapolis Royal, the birthplace of Canada  


DAY 1 The cheery waterfront of colonial Lunenburg, a World Heritage site Pedal the Lighthouse Route from the town of Gold River to postcard-perfect Mahone Bay and the fishing community of Blue Rocks. DAY 2 Beautiful rides on country and coastal lanes, past dense woodland, weathered lighthouses and colorful fishing villages Explore the rich and colorful history of Lunenburg on a guided walking tour Bike by picturesque old sea captains’ homes and along rugged headlands alive with water-loving wildlife. DAYS 3-4 Savor world-class seafood Bike rolling hills from Kejimkujik National Park to Annapolis Royal, the birthplace of Canada Step back in time at Port Royal, a National Historic site showing French colonial life A loop through Bear Valley leads to the charming artisan town of Bear River, an important shipbuilding location in the 1800s Several shops and art galleries vie for your attention as you consider a browse before our picnic at picturesque Bear River Vineyards. DAYS 5-6 The Bay of Fundy, home of the world’s highest tides and expansive flats of red clay Evangeline Trail’s pastoral roads dazzle with sweeping views of the bay Experience some of the prettiest coastal riding in Nova Scotia before heading into verdant Annapolis Valley, known for bountiful farms and apple orchards Taste unique varietals at the award-winning Domaine de Grand Pré winery Up for more miles? Ride to Grand Pré National Historic Site.


The Route

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