The Experience

When these great white carnivores lumber across the plains toward Hudson Bay to prepare for winter.

Get up close to astonishing Arctic life in Churchill: snowy owls, white foxes, a cavorting cub, Inuit sculpture, the beauty of a fire-killed log, and the power of a sled dog.

Be immersed in the Earth Journeys experience, featuring BBC Earth on-tour films and a specialist wildlife filming kit. Late October and November is polar bear season in Churchill, Manitoba, the start of the long-awaited migration of these great white creatures.

Over icy rivers and across the subarctic plains, they make their way towards the coast and the seal-rich waters of the Hudson Bay to fulfill their need for food for the winter ahead.

Normally elusive, these bears are plentiful in this remote location of northern Canada at this time of the year, giving travelers seeking an up-close look at arctic life an exciting glimpse into their world.

You’ll stay in a cozy lodge where family-style meals, warm camaraderie and two-footed locals share stories about Hudson Bay history, past and present, in front of a crackling fire.

You’ll also learn more about Manitoba and early fur-trading history during a special private evening with the Hudson’s Bay Company of Adventurers at the Manitoba Museum… at a storytelling session with a local First Nation resident or at a First Nation dance performance… at a presentation by an Arctic photographer… at a dog sledding demonstration… on a dog sled ride and much more.

Embrace your inner explorer on an adventurous Manitoba vacation!

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