A Kaleidoscope of Color: Saskatchewan presents many colors and landscapes to its visitors. Golden fields of wheat. Seagreen grasslands stretching forever. Vast evergreen forests. Rugged Precambrian wilderness and badlands. The bright scarlet of the Mounties. Technicolor sunsets of dazzling brilliance. The sparkling chrome and glass of its cosmopolitan prairie cities. Saskatchewan is a kaleidoscope of color and experience in the heart of Canada.

Plains Indians are credited with originating the name Saskatchewan. Their word was “kisiskatchewan”- meaning the river that flows swiftly – in reference to the most important waterway running through their territory.
Saskatchewan covers 651,900 square kilometres–more than a quarter million square miles. Contrary to popular belief, fully one half the province is covered by forest, one-third is farmland and one-eighth is fresh water–with nearly 100,000 lakes!
Saskatchewan is home to a million people, many with family roots in Europe, Russia, Scandinavia and the British Isles. Although the province is dependent on the farm economy, two-thirds of its people live in cities and towns.
Saskatchewan is located in the heart of North America, neighboring the provinces of Manitoba and Alberta. To the south it borders the American states of Montana and North Dakota. To the north is the Canadian territory, Nunavut.

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