Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has more inhabitants that any of the other Canary Islands and has the capital city of Las Palmas. This is an important tourism center with over two million visitors a year.

This beautiful island has it all, lush jungles, a huge volcano, sand dunes, fabulous beaches, mountain climates, protected harbors, great nightlife, nightclubs, bars, fine restaurants, scenic attractions, bird parks, mysterious caves, and a lot more.

A large part of Gran Canaria is dedicated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. There are also 32 locations that are protected as natural parks. This saves the island from over-development and leave the natural beauty for generations to come.

The old town of Aguimes is a great historical attraction and fun place to discover.

Scuba diving in the protected Marine park is very popular with diver from all over the world.

It would take weeks to explore all of the extraordinary island, so don’t short change yourself by not staying long enough.

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