Tortola Island

The protected anchorages at Tortola’s Brandywine Bay, Hodge’s Creek Marina Cay, Soper’s Hole, Cane Garden Bay and Trellis Bay are absolutely ideal for boaters. Secluded palm-shaded beaches found at Apple Bay, Elizabeth Beach, Josiah’s Bay Beach, Brewer’s Bay, Long Bay Beach, and Smuggler’s Cove are sure to make for excellent swimming and snorkeling on your Tortola vacation. There are also plenty of well-equipped facilities ideal for superb fishing, snorkeling, horseback riding, or scuba diving experiences.

On your Tortola vacation, you may choose to wander throughout the centuries-old ruins that include wonders such as the Dungeon, Fort George, stunning Fort Recovery, the incredible Mount Healthy Windmill, and unforgettable Callwood’s Rum Distillery, which interestingly enough, is still in operation, and be sure to explore Tortola’s rich history at the BVI Folk Museum in Road Town that will be sure to provide a more than fascinating glimpse into how life has been for Tortola residents in the past.

Main Street in Road Town, which is Tortola’s capital city, offers Tortola visitors an array of tantalizing shops and restaurants to pick from that offer the intersted tourish everything, ranging from local spices, jam varieties, rums, and divine soaps to hand-made jewelry, beautifully silk-screened fabrics, and fantastic local art. Tortola’s cuisine reflects a truly rich cultural mix upon the island- whether it is a four-star dinner enjoyed at a converted sugar mill, or a it’s a serving of delicious West Indian roti at a pastel hued cottage. Local delicacies including succulent fresh lobster, conch, spicy goat, flavorful curries, and Johnny Cakes are sure to make each and every meal sampled on Tortola a memorable experience.

During your Tortola vacations, be sure to escape to Sage Mountain National Park and it’s cool slopes where you can wirness traces of the primeval rain forest that can still be seen at the Park’s higher elevations. On the mountain ridge running thorough the island, one can observe local Caribbean life: its gentle rhythms, charming farms, unique settlements, and endearing churches. At both Mount Healthy National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park, rock outcroppings and vertical ghuts (dry steam valleys ) expose the volcanic island’s deep, rich earth. In addition, within Road Town, the J.R. O’Neal Botanic Gardens offers peaceful walks beneath pergolas and vine covered pathways. The gardens also feature a miniature rain forest and fern house.

Tortola’s residents are genuinely friendly and well known for their warmth and genorosity. A Tortola vacations offers a wide variety of places to stay, with each selection offering a rich, unique and memorable adventure of its own. Accommodations on Tortola range from campgrounds to luxury resorts as well as private villas. }

Tortola’s central location results in it serving as an ideal home base from which to explore the other sensational British Virgin Islands. Regular ferries, both private and crewed yachts, as well as planes travel daily from Tortola to the other fantastic islands of the BVI.

Tortola Island Vacations and Tortola Luxury Travel Packages, Tortola Island Vacations Image Provided by the BVI Tourism Board
Tortola Island Vacations Image Provided by the BVI Tourism Board

Activities on Tortola: fishing, sailing, visiting national parks, horseback riding, hiking, visiting historic ruins, sunbathing, snorkeling, shopping, visiting museums.

Tortola’s Mountain peaks characterize the southern coast of the island, covered with frangipani and sage. The northern shores feature white, sandy beaches, lush groves of bananas and mangoes and endless clusters of palm trees. Sage Mountain National Park is the British Vrigin Island’s highest point at 1,780 feet. Full of lush tropical vegetation, this Tortola park exhibits many of a rainforest’s characteristics.

Road Town, on the southern shore of Tortola, is the busy capital of the British Virgin Islands, and also is the central administrative and business center of the Territory. Here, within this capital town, one finds plenty of shops, banks, administration buildings, a hospital and the Government House. This is also the home to the J.R. O’Neal Botanic Gardens

During buccaneering days, this island was a famous hunting ground: Beef Island- which is also the site of the BVI’s main airport and is connects with Tortola via the Queen Elizabeth Bridge. Mangroves line the shores that stretch beneath the bridge, in additon, an excellent beach, Long Bay lies on the island’s northern shore.

Tortola Island Vacations and Tortola Luxury Travel Packages, Tortola Island Vacations Image Provided by the BVI Tourism Board
Tortola Island Vacations Image Provided by the BVI Tourism Board

Marina Cay, situated within a crystal, peacock-blue sea, surrounded by coral reefs, where waters transform to an emerald hue and the sand to a white powder, is only a quick ferry ride across beautiful Trellis Bay. This perfect islet served as the inspiration for a popular book and film. On Marina Cay, there is one resort and one small hotel, thus your peace is guaranteed. Arriving by boat along the Sir Francis Drake Channel, will assure all travelers good anchorage, a fantastic meal, and friendly welcome, what could be better.

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