Dominican republic Hotels

Unbeatable beachfront location on Arena Gorda, one of the most beautiful places in the Dominican Republic,
It is renowned for its world-class options in accommodations, dining, activities, and its sports...including the #1 ranked golf course in the Caribbean.
Best casino, exhilarating nightlife, tantalizing culinary options, all infused with our legendary rock and roll vibe
Exquisite luxury on a pristine Punta Cana beach
Equipped with a thousand and one details and including a full range of services,
Ideal for families, couples, and newlyweds seeking rest, relaxation with fun and entertainment.
White sand, turquoise waters, palm and coconut plantations, make this area a tropical paradise
Everything included, cocktails and drinks from the open bar, sports, activities and entertainment at no extra cost
Ride horseback, dive coral reefs teeming with vibrant marine life, view the Amber Coast
Combines the proximity to the business and comercial center, and an excellent property with relaxing ambiance.
Great For: Beach Vacations, Honeymoons, Wedding
Amazing beach with powdery soft white sand and intensely rich turquoise waters
Protected by a coral reef that makes the pristine sea perfectly calm
Three swimming pools, an amphitheatre, nightclub, spa, gym and children's' park
All the drinks you like, resort's bars, 3 à la carte dinners in the theme restaurant of your choice,