The Experience

At his first breathtaking view of Yosemite in 1869, young John Muir had a life-changing moment ,“ a surge of euphoria as he wandered, overwhelmed in the great natural beauty of a landscape unlike anything he had seen before: We are now in the mountains,, he wrote, and they are in us… filling every pore and cell of us., As a self-made naturalist, philosopher, geologist, author, inventor and conservationist, Muir spent his life studying in The University of the Wilderness,, translating his intense passion for nature into books that inspired a movement to protect Nature,™s temples., Follow Muir,™s path on a compelling Yosemite tour that traces his trajectory from San Francisco to the Sierra Nevada, embracing Kings Canyon, Sequoia National Park, and his beloved Yosemite, experiencing the powerful beauty of glacier-carved mountains, soaring redwood and sequoia forests, and the story of why they remain for us exactly as he found them.

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