Buenos Aries Luxury Tours

Buenos Aires is the outrageous jewel of Argentina. This culture-filled metropolis has a population of over eleven million people and is the capitol of Argentina. Even though it has gone through modern construction, Buenos Aires has managed to preserve its tradition and history.

There is more culture packed into Buenos Aires than almost any other place in the world. Buenos Aires is often associated with being the birthplace of the tango. This world famous dance style reflects many of Buenos Aires qualities as well, such as romance and elegance. Another large part of this traditional city’s culture comes from the sport of soccer. In Buenos Aires, many people’s heroes are soccer players like Diego Maradona or Lionel Messi.

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Much of Buenos Aires culture and history is reflected through its buildings and monuments. One of the most impressive and well-known monuments is known as Monumento de los Espaoles. Erected in 1910, this colossal monument stands over twenty-six yards high. Another famous landmark in Buenos Aires is a bridge called Puente de le Mujer. This modern, futuristic bridge is one of the symbols of Buenos Aires, and contrasts the colonial style of the rest of the city.

When you’re in Buenos Aires, be sure to check out the Casa Rosada, which is the official seat of the executive branch of government and features extraordinary architecture. Because Buenos Aires is such a large and popular city, it’s no surprise that there are a wide variety of high-quality hotels in which to stay. Some of the more luxurious include Park Tower, Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires, and Faena Hotel. There are several more affordable options as well, so you’ll be sure to stay in comfort on any budget. Buenos Aires is also home to finest collection of cuisine in Argentina. You will find everything from street vendors to five-star restaurants, both of which are sure to hit the spot. With an impressive array of local shops and boutiques, Buenos Aires is a great place to go shopping also. If you hope to spend time on a sunny beach, then you’re in luck.

Even though the city itself is not located on the coast, there are several stunning beaches located near Buenos Aires, so the beach is only an hour or two away. Where else could you go to experience such fascinating culture and history? Buenos Aires is the ideal destination for anyone keen to experience the Argentine way of life at its finest. There are too many must-see attractions in Buenos Aires for you to pass up, so come discover what this amazing city has to offer.  

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