San Andres

The tropical island of San Andres is located in the heart of the Caribbean and thrives on tourism. This remote destination, and the neighboring island of Providencia, is the perfect destination for beachgoers and relaxation seekers.

Life is a beach in San Andres. White sand shores encompass this resort town and provide some of the most pristine beaches you can imagine. The area of North End has some of the most popular beaches, because that’s where many of the hotels and restaurants can be found. Located on the east coast, the shallow, turquoise water of Cocoplumbay make it well-known and highly visited. With such natural, scenic beauty, you will love spending time on any of the beaches in San Andres.

Indulge yourself in a luxurious, beachside hotel in San Andres. The local restaurants are amazing as well, serving fresh, authentic cuisine, and vendors along the beach can be found selling grilled seafood on skewers. The bars and clubs in San Andres also make for great nightlife too, so get ready to dance ,˜til you drop.

There are endless ways to relax while having fun in this tropical piece of heaven. With such breathtaking beaches and scenic surroundings, San Andres is truly a paradise on the Caribbean.

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