Raiatea is wonderful island to explore and enjoy the true Tahitian hospitality. It shares the same lagoon as Taha’a Island another lovely island paradise.

Raiatea was once the most important island in Polynesia. It’s a beautiful island with lush valleys with tropical forests. Uturoa is the main city and business area where cruise ships visit and the islands markets are located.

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Taha’a island is called “the vanilla island” because of its many vanilla plantations. The many motu with their stunning white sandy beaches and the turquoise-toned lagoon charm every visitor and cruise passenger.

These two islands have a tremendous variety of delicious tropical fruit and vegetables and tasty seafood.

There is a very scenic road that circles the island and its many historical sites like the interesting Marae Taputapuatea. This was the site of important Polynesian events for hundreds of years before being discovered.

If you are a sports fisherman or scuba diver these two islands are a great place to visit. There is an assortment of charter boats available to take you to outside the lagoon.

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