The scenic town of Camden has many exciting attractions. Penobscot Bay to the east has cobalt blue waters. Camden Hills, to the west, has lovely peaks that reach up to meet the sky. Mount Battie is an easy hike that has fabulous views of the bay and mountains as well as the picturesque town of Camden just below. To the North of downtown, majestic mansions sprawl on wooded lots on both sides of the road. A lot of these magnificent homes were once occupied by sea captains, and are now bed and breakfasts. There are plenty fine restaurants and upscale tourist shops in Camden.

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To the south of Camden is village of Rockport. Though smaller in size than Camden, Rockport is no less picturesque. Rockport has a thriving arts community, and outstanding concerts are performed at its 19th century opera house. The Center for Maine Contemporary Art is right around the corner.

Camden and Rockport are the port to some of the Maine windjammer fleet, many of which are National Historic Landmarks. The area is also the place to go for hands-on vacationers. In Camden, Rockport, special programs provide instruction in sailing, kayaking, and furniture making. Rockport’s nationally recognized Maine Photographic Workshop offers courses in film, video, photography, and digital media from one week to up to two months.

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