From the longest bar in the world to an antique carousel, the Lake Erie Islands provide fun for all ages! Visit Perry’s International Peace Memorial, travel to a castle-like historic winery, and go birding at one of the United States’ best migration spots. Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island is a Victorian village filled with boutiques, a harborside park with a playground, pubs with live entertainment, and tasty dining opportunities, all within a walk, bike ride or golfcart ride away. And you won’t want to miss the largest Greek Doric column in the world, Perry’s International Peace Memorial, which stands 352-feet above Put-in-Bay and provides a spectacular view of Lake Erie.

Middle Bass Island brings serenity to an action-packed vacation. The Kuehnle Wildlife Area lies in the center of the island and connects the east point with the main portion of the island. This 20-acre pond is a favorite spot for bird watching, photographing wildlife, and fishing. One of the main attractions on Middle Bass Island, Lonz Winery, opened during the Civil War. By 1875, it was the largest wine producer in the United States.

Kelleys Island is the largest American island in Lake Erie and offers history buffs plenty to see and do. Remnants of the island’s past can be seen throughout the island. The Glacial Grooves State Memorial is the largest and most spectacular example of glacial grooves in the world. Inscription Rock State Memorial is a symbol of the island’s era as an Indian hunting ground. This limestone boulder has faint pictographs of men, birds and animals carved by the Lake Erie Indians 300-400 years ago.

The Lake Erie Islands are located in the Western Basin of Lake Erie and can be reached by ferries from Port Clinton, Marblehead and Sandusky, which are halfway between Toledo and Cleveland.

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