The Experience

Author and filmmaker Dayton Duncan on the ultimate Southwestern and Grand Canyon vacation: “When Ken Burns and I set out to make The National Parks: America’s Best Idea for PBS, we were not interested in making a travelogue or a nature film. We wanted to tell the story of an idea ,“ a uniquely American idea ,“ that a nation’s most special and sacred sites should be set aside, not for royalty or the rich alone, but for everyone and for all time. We chose to craft our first tour around six national parks in the Southwest that evoke the haunting spirit of the desert ,“ the spirit of the nautral beauty and the spirit of the people. We’ll take you behind-the-scenes to tell some of the stories of our days filming in the national parks of the Southwest, and you’ll meet several people who helped us along the way. Through them, you’ll hear rich stories and learn about the characters and events that shaped the parks ,“ and come away with much more than a gallery of scenic pictures. We hope this trip will lead you to a deeper appreciation of the parks, create a lasting memory, and help you feel for yourself the spirit of these special places.”

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