The Experience

Ken Burns, award-winning creator of the landmark documentary film The Civil War, brings personal stories and insightful interpretations to an amazing journey through the Civil War,™s most hallowed ground,, one of the most comprehensive Civil War tours. This 11-day trip chronicles some of the pivotal events and venues of the war. From Washington, DC to Richmond, VA, the trip is highlighted by guided visits and unique access to some of its most significant sites, including the battlefields of Gettysburg, Antietam and Petersburg; enjoy private presentations and talks by experts; a behind-the-scenes experience at the National Archives; an interactive experience where guests assume the identity of an actual Confederate or Union soldier, and more. Include Stories by Ken Burns ,“ filmed vignettes offering Ken’s unique perspectives on the terrible conflict and its pivotal role in shaping the nation we live in today, enlivening your travels in Washington, Gettysburg, Sharpsburg (Antietam), Harpers Ferry, Charlottesville, Appomattox, Petersburg and Richmond.

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