You will find the very best luxury tours, hotels and resorts in Africa as well as stunning luxury villas on  Serving all your luxury travel needs from Africa honeymoons to Southern Africa cruises to Fabulous Africa train tours – we can provide you with everything but the sunscreen.
Africa adventure safaris attract a special brand of traveler: people who want to reach out, do something new and discover the real rewards of travel for themselves. If you consider yourself a member of this intrepid fraternity, Africa is designed with you in mind. An active safari puts you into direct, personal, UN-choreographed contact with the Africa wilderness. At every stop we’ve planned an active itinerary including as many wildlife-viewing excursions as possible, as well as a camel trek through wild and beautiful landscapes. offers custom, premium class, personalized, luxury travel related services, exclusive boutique vacation destinations and exotic tours designed specifically for the sophisticated traveler.With us you enjoy the benefits of our exclusive agreements with the world’s leading luxury cruise lines, luxury hotels and safari tour companies. This brings you unsurpassed value in the world of upscale travel, including outstanding amenities such as complimentary upgrades, privileged access opportunities and private events at many top international and domestic destinations.

Our Virtuoso Africa Vacation and Safari Specialists offer exclusive insider connections and industry expertise on luxury vacations- along with the guidance and know-how you require to make educated travel choices. We are very innovative, add valuable solutions that consistently exceed our customers expectations and strive to always provide the ultimate travel experience. We offer only the finest, premium escorted tours with the most experienced tour guides.
Safaris are an innovative, exciting and intimate way to experience wild Africa, active but not exhausting, with reliably comfortable accommodations and good food throughout. If you’re looking for a special adventure in Africa, we think you’ll find it here.

Africa, a large continent with 55 very diverse countries from Morocco to South Africa. We have included every country—however we don’t recommend vacationing in some of the countries that have had recent problems. We have made it very clear which countries you should avoid, and which ones you should consider. Things do change though, and our Travel Consultants will make sure you don’t make the wrong decision. It takes years of first hand experience before our Virtuoso Travel and Cruise Consultants are considered a specialist. Take advantage of our experience, especially in Africa!

Our Virtuoso Travel Consultants works with only the finest tour operators, and would be pleased to work with you when planning your luxury vacation or adventure tour. Remember that it costs no more to place your reservation through a travel consultant, who can provide valuable advice and information about your destinations, itinerary and other travel choices.Our tour operators offers a support system unmatched in the industry. Their “on-site” offices are small enough to offer knowledgeable, personalized service. Yet as a company with over 3,000 employees who handle more than 180,000 clients annually, and is large enough to secure the best available guides, transport, accommodations, activities and amenities for our guests. In addition, quality is maintained by designing, managing, controlling – or in an ever-growing number of cases, owning – the product line.

Our mission is simple: deliver an unfailingly high level of service, from the quality of our product to the experience of our people, and pair it with an equally high regard for ecological concerns.

We believe travel should be an experience and go to great lengths to design our escorted tours and independent travel programs around the unique features of each destination. We send along renowned experts to bring our trips to life and often include exclusive visits to attractions not normally open to the public or other tour providers.

There are so many fabulous Africa destinations to choose from, including a myriad of safaris, with elephants, lions, gorillas, you name it, cruises, jungle cruises, photography excursions, cultural tours that will amaze and dazzle just about anyone.

Africa is a great choice if you want adventure, to get off the beaten tourist paths and see things very few get to observe.Safe guided tours of Africa utilizing luxury accommodations and services.

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