Bordeaux will take you to the world capital of wine, that also boasts one of the most harmonious 18th century architectural complexes in all of Europe. With well preserved prestigious historic buildings, many of being Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Bordeaux manages to perfectly blend rich historical tradition with a party atmosphere, excellent quality of life, great wines and fine foods, culture and shopping.Each quarter of the city is a witness to Bordeaux’s history : Saint-Pierre- situated on the Gallo-Roman port of Burdigala, Saint-Michel and its dramatic, Gothic spire, Saint-Eloi and its picturesque cobbled streets, the City Hall quarter complete with the Cathedral and the Palais Rohan.

In addition to the fine wine, the picturesque river and the arts, Bordeaux are also enhanced by the numerous museums and cultural sites where the pleasures of the eye may combine with those of the spirit : Muséo d’Aquitaine, Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Decorative Arts, Museum of Modern Art, Musée des Chartrons (wine), Vinorama (wine), Conservatoire International de la Plaisance (International sailing exhibition), Croiseur Colbert (French Battleship)

But Bordeaux is not content with solely paying homage to its past founders or being the wine capital of the world. Aspects of Bordeaux that can also be experienced are its numerous parks, pleasantly mild climate, superb quality of life, gastronomic achievement and a vibrant nightlife. Not to mention Bordeaux is within close proximity to the Bassin d’Arcachon and the Atlantic Ocean, the Perigord- rich in prehistory, Gascony, the Basque Country, the forest of the Landes, and the Pyrenees.

The splendors that await during Bordeaux are easily accessible and can be experienced through a casual stroll or a guided visit, providing a voyage into history, with unique panoramas and viewpoints, wine tastings and sensational dining. All you need do is visit to find out for yourself. Call 1 415 827 4981 for the trip of your lifetime!

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