Europe Hotels

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Located in the quiet centre of the historical Old Town of Riga
For over 140 years has been a favourite gathering place for artists, people of culture, travellers and tourists
A palatial seaside villa located within an easy 30-minute drive of Fiumicino airport. 30 Minutes from Rome City Center
Unexpected oasis of exclusive tranquility immersed in the frenzy of the city center.
Dating back to the 18th century, it is a truly exceptional site, promoting relaxation and wellbeing
Location of the Prince de Galles has always been second-to-none, a rendez-vous for Paris
The island with the most beautiful sunsets, the most incredible views on the deep, very deep blue of the Aegean Sea.
It is quite simply the place to be in London
Great For: Spa & Wellness
The very best of Irish hospitality in the most beautiful surroundings imaginable.
Dramatic views of the village and the craggy 9,000-foot peaks surrounding the valley from every room
One of the most sought after places for unforgettable getaways
Exceptional accommodations, world-class cuisine, a nurturing spa and impeccable service, the five star amenities and services
Amongst the largest on Split hotels, perfect to accommodate a family or a group.
Courchevel is the most desirable ski resort of the five villages of Les 3 Vallées region, in the heights of the French Alps
Superb quality and the professional service are highly valued by its illustrious Italian and international clientele,
located at the center of the village of Positano, on the Amalfi Drive
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