Saxony’s castle and heathland region can look back on a 1,000-year legacy of architecture and art, technical monuments, traditional crafts and established customs. Here, the Zwickauer Mulde and Freiberger Mulde rivers flow through romantic valleys and the Daben Heath and Dahlen Heath nature reserves form an extensive area of woodland. This romantic region is situated between the cities of Chemnitz and Leipzig and the valleys of the Striegis, Zschopau and Mulde rivers and their confluences.

Against the backdrop of this charming heathland scenery, you’ll find a number of castles full of German Romantic tradition, and great cultural and historical importance. There are an impressive number of ways in which you can explore Saxony’s history or simply enjoy the enchanting countryside. The Saxon Electors discovered early on that these gently rolling hills with their tranquil forests were the perfect hunting ground. Today, mushroom collectors and berry pickers follow in their footsteps.

1,000 years of history have been written here along a 100-km stretch of river. 140 magnificent castles with their own particular charm, manor houses, palaces, stately homes and churches covering all the different periods of the last century line up like pearls on a string, fitting in surprisingly well with the charming surrounding countryside and turning this valley into a real gem. Dating from the beginning of the 14th century, Burg Kriebstein is considered to be the region’s best preserved castle. But many of the other castles and palaces that sit majestically overlooking the river Zschopau are also shrouded in legends and well worth exploring.

For a truly memorable experience, try a visit to Scharfenstein Castle, Sachsenburg Castle, Lichtenwalde Palace and Park, or Augustusburg Palace. Many of these castles and palaces are used as venues for Central Saxony’s annual “Summer of Culture” festival. There’s certainly little chance of getting bored here. You can enjoy some great tours in the Valley of Castles, whether on foot, by boat or by bike. And if you prefer going on horseback, there are also a number of stables to choose from.

Many places in the region are enjoying a fresh injection of colour, with many of the baroque half-timbered buildings standing resplendent once again. Saxony’s castle and heathland region is also known for its numerous beautiful parks and gardens, museums and galleries. Zschopau valley is a real treasure trove for any nature lover or water sports enthusiast.

With the wind at your back, you can set off between Delitzsch and Torgau Oschatz to see the numerous mills in Saxony’s mill region. The whole region is a remarkable cultural landscape. Wherever you are heading, at every turn you’ll encounter reminders of history and places associated with famous figures down the ages. Just the castles and churches on their own cover a wealth of different architectural styles. With a wealth of delightful natural scenery too, your visit is guaranteed to be a memorable one.

Dahlen Heath, Wermsdorf Forest and the Elbe riverbank meadows form a densely wooded area of countryside with bright green, lush meadows and idyllic ponds. With such a wealth of natural beauty, this is the ideal place for keen walkers. Used as a hunting ground by the royal Saxon Electors at the beginning of the 18th century, this amazing conservation area offers an extensive network of footpaths and cycle trails.

Along the way, you can stop off to pick some of the mushrooms that grow here in abundance. Another great treat ,“ and not just for experienced anglers ,“ is fishing in Horstsee lake. There’s plenty of fun to be had in the region by visitors of all ages throughout the year. But you really need to see it for yourself.

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