Amalfi Coast

The incredible Amalfi Coast drive is Southern Italy’s most popular excursion, and the twisting corniche road from Sorrento to Salerno attracts millions of tourists every year. Positano, the most vertically scenic of the villages along the coast, dates back to the 10th Century AD and was once an important seaport for the Middle East trade. Splendid Rosario, one of the Amalfi coast’s scenic views. In more recent times, Positano has made the transition from artists’ colony to upscale resort to Hollywood movie set.

Positano, a mirage of houses, between sky and sea. A dream of colors, boats, yellow. ” Yellow Positano “, like the cupola of the church mother, like the ginestre, and the flowers of the fichi of India. Blue, like the sky through Pertuso Mount. Green, emerald, like the sea, and the svettanti towers. White man, like the houses, lowlands, to cupola, bizantine. Finally Ocher, like it he decorates with arabesques to you embroiderys of the woven ones. ” when understood to discover it to you, the impulse is to hold it secret, single for you… ” (Steinbeck)

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Capri is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Here beautiful art and natural beauty are married. See incredibly beautiful nature, the emerald seas and sunsets on romantic nights.

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