Western Isles

Unique is the word best describing the Hebrides. The wildlife, awe-inspiring scenery and way of life leave a lasting impression on everyone who is lucky enough to visit.

Standing majestically off the northwest edge of the British Isles, this 150 mile-long island chain, ranging from grassy flatlands, peat and marsh to mountainous, rocky and scenic terrain, is only 30 miles from the Scottish mainland.

Culturally and traditionally the Hebrides is in a class of its own. Nowhere else will you find such diversity of landscapes and species, arts, crafts and music. The islands have an abundance of beautiful habitats – peaceful, unspoiled and natural. Fresh water and sea lochs stand unsurpassed in their beauty and abundance and provide a massive resource for fishermen and bird life alike. Pure, traditional music and crafts live on in what is a lively and vibrant culture. Pioneering events attract people from all over the world, with festivals soaked in the traditions of this Gaelic heartland. Get even closer to nature: a boat trip to spot whales, dolphins, seals or puffins or a guided walk to mix with otters, buzzards or deer.

Spiritually these islands are an oasis. The welcome is friendly, making the visitor feel that sense of belonging and freedom – one of the great traits of the local heritage. The sense of being surrounded by the cool Hebridean air carries the visitor into a world of serenity.

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