South America Hotels

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A philosophy of respecting our natural environment and living in harmony with the local culture
Polo, Gauchos, Pampa, Tango, Patagonia, are all words that make us dream
Upscale sophistication in a hotel inspired by the architecture of European castles
This spectacular resort & spa invites you to relax and indulge the senses
This place is famed for its tropical climate and hundreds of kilometers of pristine beaches.
Great luxury hotel experience near skiing, surfing or trekking among the Andes Mountains.
A blissful lodge to explore the natural beauty, unique history and rich culture of Lake Titicaca.
Situated on a small point nestling between two charming fishing villages the sea of the Emerald Coast,
The Paracas hotel is the most luxurious resort spa in the Peruvian coast
Fresh and clear, fragrant with pine and eucalyptus; the climate, the landscape is dominated by forest and vineyards.
A magnificent luxury hotel experience in Cuzco
Polo, barbecues, modern art, outdoor pursuits or sun-soaking lethargy
Close to outdoor activities such as skiing, surfing or trekking among the Andes Mountains.
A excellent luxury hotel in Lima
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